Monday, April 07, 2008

Car companies lobby Congress to kill California global warming authority

Yes, they are at it again. The car companies and car dealers are once again trying to kneecap California and other states by taking away their rights to set better global warming emission standards for motor vehicles.

Yes, the Bush administration did reject California's bid, but EPA's attorneys believe California will prevail in court. Hence the new push by the car crowd to build a fire wall in Congress.

In a March 25 power point presentation, said to be made to "Blue Dog" Democrats, the U.S. and international car companies and car dealers repeated tired old arguments (such as the one claiming the California standards would amount to a "patchwork" of different standards; a "patchwork" of two?).

The car companies admit the California standards would be tougher (remember when EPA Administrator Steve Johnson lied about this?), but complained they would also be more expensive. (Not once you start factoring in how much less a consumer would spend on gas over time!)

The intention here is clear: to try to block pending legislation that would order EPA to grant the California waiver, and also to lay down a marker -- to assert that the car crowd will oppose comprehensive global warming legislation unless it preempts the rights of California and other states.

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