Friday, February 15, 2008

More smog at the White House: the National Taxpayers Union comes a calling

We predicted recently that more interest groups would be lining up at the White House to protest any effort by the US EPA to set tougher smog standards. And the special interest parade goes on: the National Taxpayers Union, a group with ties to ExxonMobil and heaven knows who else, went in yesterday with a plea that the White House stop the EPA in its tracks.

Yes, they used a tired old cliché, proclaiming that tougher smog standards would constitute a “hidden tax.” Oh, please! Can’t a guy who used to work for the Kit Bond for Senate Committee do better than that?


It would be easy to counter that dirty air is a tax on our lungs. And that people get sick from dirty air, pushing up the costs of things like Medicare and Medicaid (and harming taxpayers in the process). And that with people dying from dirty air, those of us who remain have to pay more for government spending.

By the way, ExxonMobil has given financial support to NTU’s sister organization, the National Taxpayers Union Foundation.

What a coincidence that ExxonMobil also sent a lobbyist into the White House recently to oppose tougher standards.

Prepare for more visitations from other groups linked to ExxonMobil, the National Association of Manufacturers, and other industry groups opposed to cleaner air.

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