Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Romney aides involved in cynical polluter front group

An interesting twist to the presidential campaign, as candidate Mitt Romney
takes swings at pending global warming legislation and makes incoherent
comments about car fuel efficiency standards.

It turns out that people with ties to the former Mass. Gov. are heavily
involved in a cynical and dirty front group which calls itself the American
Environmental Coalition. http://www.americanenvironmental.org/

This group is a who's who of people who consider themselves right-wing DC
power brokers, including Grover Norquist, Paul Weyrich and Gary Bauer. As
we've read in the press in recent days, some of these folks want to knee cap
Senator John McCain. No wonder!!!

Gary Marx (President of Principium Consulting Inc) registered the domain
and is listed as the contact for americanenvironmental.org when performing a "whois" search.

"*Gary Marx*, the current exec. dir of the Judicial Confirmation
Network and formerly the Bush-Cheney campaign's chief staff liaison to
social conservatives, will join Gov. Mitt Romney's PAC as an adviser, a
Romney aide said." (The Hotline, 12/21/06)

"*Gary Marx* is the conservative coalitions director for the Romney
Campaign and held the same job for Bush/Cheney as well as for the Alito
and Robert's confirmation." (Mymanmitt.com, 1/3/08)

" . . .says *Gary Marx*, who is charged with handling conservative
outreach for Romney." (The Politico, 2/20/07)

Jay Sekulow is an AEC Board Member. Jay is a consultant to the Romney
campaign. Jay's son, Jordan, is a Romney staffer.

*Documentation of Jay Sekulow's role in the Romney campaign:
"*Jay Sekulow* . . . has endorsed Romney and will serve as an
adviser." (The Hotline, 12/21/06)

" . . . *Jay Sekulow*, the co-chair of Mitt Romney's Faith and
Values Coalition." (Townhall.com, 1/3/08)

"Serving as a Chair of the National Faith and Values Steering
Committee, noted Constitutional Attorney and Supreme Court Advocate *Jay
Sekulow* . . . " (Mittromney.com, 6/13/07)

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