Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some of the misleading material this evening by Bush EPA chief Steve Johnson

From this evening's conference call with reporters:

--Johnson: “confusing patchwork of state rules” -- This is baloney, of course. Johnson is implying (as the car companies have in their misleading rhetoric) that there are lots of different state standards. This is false. There is only the California standard, which other states by law can adopt.

--“the few states” that have adopted or considering adopting. “Few” !!! Phrased as he did, the total is 16 or 17, I believe. It’s about half the population! More at

--Some drivel about 33.8 mpg: I’ve never heard this statistic before. The car companies wanted to kill the California standard because its impact would be tougher!

But most important, California is planning to make its current standards even tougher in the future under its climate action plan. (The current standards only run through about 2016.) So this claim is absolute and utter nonsense.

--our “world class professional staff” -- pants on fire!
As the Waxman material in an earlier posting notes, the professional staff were left in the dark while this political deal was cut.

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