Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rep. Waxman to EPA: don't shred those files!

For the sake of good government, we ought to be grateful someone at this level in Congress is trying to delve beneath the surface on an important issue. (You may recall, Rep. Waxman’s immediate predecessor as chair of that government oversight committee, Rep. Tom Davis, was more interested in such matters as trying to keep Terri Schaivo hooked up to her apparatus: )

In response to several inquiries, no, we do not have the power point presentation described in today’s excellent Washington Post story. But we don’t doubt the authenticity of the story, and we hope Waxman uncovers the truth.

The EPA decision was a sickening example of bad government at work. As the Post noted, Johnson took action that his own legal experts said was probably illegal!

And, friends, we taxpayers will be footing the bill for his defense when California sues and ultimately prevails.

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