Wednesday, December 05, 2007

EPA -- shockingly -- solicits comments on keeping current lead air pollution standard

In recent years, there has been increasing scientific evidence that exposure to lead reduces the IQ of children. The current national air pollution standard for lead was adopted in 1978, when we knew a lot less about the issue.

EPA is under a court directive to take a new look at the standard, and issued an “advanced notice” today.

Shockingly, EPA is considering the option of keeping the current standard!

The “advanced notice” also includes some painful gibberish on the theme of how big a drop in IQ is acceptable in children.

That is outrageous. The science is very clear that the current standard needs to be made much tougher. EPA itself concedes that no level of lead exposure is safe.

EPA is supposed to make a final call on this by September 2008.

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