Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Coal industry front group brags about access to Obama/Oprah event

We thought that Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s flirtation with coal had cooled in recent months.

But now a coal industry front group is actually bragging about its access to the big Obama/Oprah event this week in South Carolina.

See the blog posting below from “American’s for Balanced Energy Choices,” which includes a who’s who of some of the biggest and dirtiest polluters in America. (Including Peabody Energy, Southern Co., American Electric Power, Duke Power and the Edison Electric Institute.)

You may recall this crowd recently sponsored one of the Democratic presidential debates on CNN. Folks in Iowa keep seeing their billboards noting how much coal is used in that state: http://www.americaspower.org/News/Ad-Archive

Some of the players in this group are rumored to be planning a multi-million dollar ad campaign attacking the so-called Lieberman-Warner global warming bill as it comes to the Senate floor next year.

For now, the group appears delighted to hand out flyers and tee shirts at events like the one described below.


Clean coal turnout at Obama/Oprah event 12/10/2007 09:46 am Posted by: Tim Kelly

South Carolina's largest political rally in decades featured Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey today, and America's Power Van and our volunteers were on hand with the crowd of nearly 30,000.

A steady stream of voters from across South Carolina visited the Power Van near the entrance to Williams-Brice Stadium. While understandably eager to get inside to see Obama and Oprah, thousands of those in attendance took the time to stop and learn more about our commitment to continued reduction of regulated emissions, the development of technology to capture and storage greenhouse gases, providing reliable, affordable electricity and protecting America's security.

In addition to speaking with the throng of state and national media on hand, we distributed several thousand brochures, flyers, t-shirts and other materials to those in attendance.


David, with ABEC said...

You call ABEC's members the "dirtiest polluters," but did you know the coal industry has spent $50 billion over the last 30 years to make coal-fired power plants 70 percent cleaner? We’re continuing to make progress on using technology to reduce emissions and make coal a cleaner energy resource to meet America’s energy needs. The coal industry is working with Department of Energy on a $1.5 billion project to build a coal plant that captures close to 100% of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and mercury – and provide for the capture and storage of carbon dioxide.

L.L. Norton said...

If these guys are so darned clean, how come they oppose renewable electricity requirements and the Lieberman-Warner climate bill?

Will said...

On the same site you link they have a post about doing the exact same thing at an Edwards event.

They didn't have any kind of special access. They're doing a bird dogging campaign at the events of all major candidates. I think the title of your blog post implies something about Obama unfairly. You should make a correction.

Leroj said...

"You call ABEC's members the "dirtiest polluters," but did you know the coal industry has spent $50 billion over the last 30 years to make coal-fired power plants 70 percent cleaner?"

What crap. You've been forced to do it because of Federal and state environmental laws and fought it every step of the way. Oil power plants still kill over 20,000 Americans a year according to Clear the Air.

Lucy N. said...

So these coal killers now are bragging that they're trying to stick their filthy noses into events by every Democratic candidate?! How about they just clean up their filth rather than give out tee-shirts?

Jerry said...

Ask the folks at ABEC when they are going to clean up coals extraction and waste processes! I've got a little something for them called, TOXIC FLY ASH SLUDGE! Oh, and December 22 TVA's Kingston Fossil Plant fly ash impoundment failure caused the largest coal disaster ever in North America! Merry Christmas East Tennessee! 5.4 million cubic yards of toxic sludge was released into the Watts Bar Reservoir contaminating the water sources for millions with elevated levels of lead and thallium, which causes birth defects and nervous and reproductive system disorders. Clean coal my ass! When are our politicians going to stop believing these lying pro-coal groups.