Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Car company front group linked to latest attack on EPA/California authority for greenhouse gases

Former DOT Secretaries Rodney Slater and Norm Mineta yesterday joined the car industry/Bush White House/polluter alliance effort to take away EPA authority to limit greenhouse gases – in effect, to overturn the big Supreme Court case. (They sent a letter to Senate leaders.)

This is also a direct attack on California, which is seeking permission to enforce its own vehicle greenhouse gas standards, and those numerous states that have adopted the California standards.

Of course, it’s not surprising that Slater would lend his name to this effort. He is, after all, chairman of a car industry front group called Driving America’s Future, whose most prominent member happens to be General Motors: http://www.drivingamericasfuture.com/docs/members/

We are not clear at this point if Mineta has a specific angle (as you know, he is now with the big Hill & Knowlton pr firm where he “provides counsel and strategic advice to Hill & Knowlton clients on a wide range of business and political issues including expertise in transportation”
http://www.hillandknowlton.com/index/about_us/team/207. We wouldn’t be surprised if there is a GM connection here as well, given how often GM is cited favorably on various Hill & Knowlton blogs.

You’d think the former California Congressman would be embarrassed that he has joined an effort that could harm his home state.

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