Monday, November 05, 2007

Hillary Clinton calls for 100% carbon auction

For those of you who are following the greenhouse gas battle closely, please note that Senator Hillary Clinton unveiled her energy plan today – and called for a 100% auction of carbon permits, as well as an 80% greenhouse gas reduction by 2050.

Clinton noted the 100% auction was necessary to make sure that “utilities and other companies do not obtain a windfall.” (Yes, we have been saying this for many months.)

In doing this, Senator Clinton basically matched the ideas put forth by her top Democratic rivals. But it puts her in an interesting situation as the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee races to take action on the compromise Lieberman-Warner plan before the upcoming U.N. meeting in Bali.

Does Clinton ignore her own plan and go along with the compromise, which would give many billions of windfall dollars away to the biggest polluters? (The bill also includes those special deals for Senators Max Baucus and John Warner – you remember, the rural electric co-op deal that was quietly slipped into the latest version of the bill). Or does she stick to her guns?

This is an interesting development in the plot along the bumpy Road to Bali.

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