Monday, November 19, 2007

Chrysler to White House: rein in EPA attempts to set greenhouse gas standards for cars

Well, I guess this was inevitable. Now Chrysler lobbyists have joined the ranks of those going to the White House and seeking to influence upcoming EPA rules designed to reduce oil use and greenhouse gas emissions. See below.

Perhaps not a shock, but Chrysler would like to limit EPA’s authority. It suggests that EPA “abstain” from attempting to set carbon dioxide standards for passenger vehicles (“abstain!?” – curious wording, don’t you think? As if EPA were some hormone-crazed teenager), or at least make sure EPA standards would require nothing more than Transportation Department fuel economy standards.

Though we expect the Bush administration is planning to issue effusive press releases about its upcoming proposal – despite its thumping defeat last week in federal court over fuel economy standards -- I’d argue that the recent lobbying by car and oil companies shows just how much we need Congress to step in and set unequivocally tougher standards.

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