Friday, October 26, 2007

Public power utilities urge go-slow approach on global warming, preemption of state authority

Something new today popped up on the White House web site – the outline of a meeting held yesterday between public power utilities and various White House staffers (including OVP, that is, Office of the Vice President). See below and

It’s not clear why the public power lobbyists, many of them from Nebraska, wanted to meet now with government officials from agencies including OMB, EPA, the Council of Economic Advisers, the Energy Department, the Agriculture Department and the Transportation Department. It is pretty unusual to have the Vice President’s office represented.

But they did leave behind the document which outlines a go-slow approach to dealing with global warming, including such controversial elements as “reform” of the Clean Air Act’s new source review program and the preemption of state CO2 programs. (By the way, one of their first “asks” is changing NSR – way before talk of any cap and trade effort. Don’t they realize the Bush administration has already been working for almost seven years to gut NSR?)

Perhaps the goal was to influence the upcoming Bush administration’s upcoming “20-in-10 rules” designed to reduce fuel use. You’ve got to assume these folks have been making the rounds on Capitol Hill, too, since they were basically pedaling a legislative proposal. Perhaps they are hoping to enlist the administration in their cause.

Their message seems to be “don’t push us to do much very quickly – and get rid of some of these pesky rules we don’t like while you are at it.”

We will continue to monitor developments in the coming weeks.

Meeting Record Regarding: Climate Policy Group
Date: 10/25/2007
Client (if applicable)
Kevin Neyland

John Knepper

Bill Irving

Rob Talley
Talley Associates
Hilary Sills
Sills Associates
John C. McClure
Nebraska Public Power District

Frank Crane
MEAG Power
Tim Grove
Omaha Public Power District
Kelly Fleming
Omaha Public Power District
Chase Hutto

Leo Sommaripa

Job Serebrov
USDA General Counsel's Office

Salo Zelermyer

Charles Griffiths

Rich Theroux

Art Fraas

Bob De Haan

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