Monday, September 03, 2007

CRS: Cal has "strong case" to receive greenhouse gas vehicle waiver

The non-partisan Congressional Research Service has concluded that California “appears to have a strong case” in its quest to obtain federal approval of its greenhouse gas standards for motor vehicles.

The CRS report notes that "The stakes involved - both the environmental consequences and the potential impact on the auto industry - go well beyond California," since 14 other states have adopted or announced they plan to adopt the California standards.

As you will recall, the US EPA has been dragging its feet on California’s request, first made in December 2005. The EPA has said it will make a decision by the end of this year. Because of the auto industry’s opposition, the Bush administration is expected to give California a thumbs down, perhaps using upcoming national standards as a pretext.

This new report will make it tougher for the EPA to say no. It will make it look quite blatantly political if EPA rejects the California request.

The report was first noted in the San Jose Mercury News.

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