Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Car companies lose in bid to kill greenhouse gas vehicle standards

Big news this afternoon from Vermont, where the major car companies have lost their bid to derail Vermont’s greenhouse gas standards for motor vehicles, modeled on California’s ground-breaking standards.

This is a landmark victory in the battle against global warming. See the decision at

You will recall that the car companies sued the state of Vermont in a bid to kill the global warming standards there. (A similar car company attack in California is still pending. The judge there delayed the case because of the whole Supreme Court battle over global warming. You will recall the Supreme Court declared that the US EPA did have authority under the Clean Air Act to limit greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles. That authority logically extends to California and to states that seek to adopt California’s standards.)

The car companies threw everything but the kitchen sink at Vermont in an effort to kill the standards. (The case was tried in US District Court for the District of Vermont. Environmental groups and the State of New York intervened on Vermont’s behalf.) But the kitchen sink wasn’t enough to overcome the logic and legality of Vermont’s standards.

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Anonymous said...

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