Thursday, September 06, 2007

Battle in Atlanta over EPA smog proposal

Clean Air Watch was in Atlanta yesterday as the US EPA held its final hearing on its proposed smog standards. An excellent summary below from the publication Creative Loafing:

One of the more provocative side issues: support for the do-nothing industry position from the National Conference of Black Mayors. Greenwire today notes that other speakers castigated the group for taking such a surprising position.

But why did it, especially given the impact of pollution on minority communities?

One clue may lie with the group's Corporate Advisory Council, which enables private companies, for a fee, to have close dealings with the group: "It provides access to the chief elected officials of hundreds of local governments, including scores of large American cities. It also provides a platform through which business interests can communicate their perspectives on issues and opportunities."

Another possible clue: ExxonMobil was a primary sponsor for some of the festivities at the group's recent annual meeting:

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