Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ontario protests Cheney dirty-air plan

Dick Cheney has struck another blow for bad foreign relations.

Cheney's plan (officially promoted by the US EPA) to weaken pollution controls on coal-fired power plants has drawn another protest from the government of Ontario.

As you may recall, the EPA has proposed to create a major new loophole for power plants by permitting them to INCREASE the actual amount of pollution they spew out, as long as they don't increase the RATE of pollution.

In the real world, of course, breathers suffer from actual pollution. And there's been far too much pollution this week as those coal burners grind away to keep air conditioners running.
(You may also recall the US Supreme Court rejected a similar scheme promoted by the coal-burning Duke Energy.)

Ontario notes accurately that the Cheney polluter-protection plan would "weaken an important enforcement mechanism for reducing air pollution in our common airshed." It added that the "transboundary flow of pollution into Ontario from these sources endangers the health and welfare of citizens of our Province."

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