Friday, June 01, 2007

Fred Thompson – how on earth did he find time to lobby the Senate on asbestos while shooting “Law and Order?”

Who would’ve thought a man synonymous with “Law and Order” would find time to try changing federal law to limit legal claims for asbestos-related disease?

We stumbled on this factoid in yesterday’s Political Moneyline which notes that likely presidential candidate Fred Thompson earned more than three quarters of a million dollars from a British company during the past three years lobbying for asbestos “reform.” (The publication Politico spotted this earlier as did Bill Theobald of the Nashville Tennessean.)

Even while starring as District Attorney Arthur Branch, Thompson was lobbying his former Senate colleagues on behalf of Equitas Limited, a London-based insurance firm.

(This factoid is not mentioned on Thompson’s NBC biography )

Equitas paid the Office of Fred Thompson $280,000 in 2004; $300,000 in 2005 and $180,000 in 2006. Thompson himself is the only listed lobbyist on this issue for his firm.

Equitas noted in testimony to the Senate that it was seeking to cut down on costly asbestos-related claims.

Our friends with Environmental Working Group have some good background on asbestos. and

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Lucy N. said...

Why aren't the major media reporting this?