Friday, June 08, 2007

Big polluters take their case on smog to White House, Cheney's office

With a proposed decision on national health standards from the EPA imminent, an alliance of big industry lobbyists went to the White House this week to plea their case. Among those present was a representative of "OVP" -- the Office of Vice President Dick Cheney, known in DC as the big polluters' biggest friend in the White House.

You can bet they weren’t urging the White House to support tougher standards!

The group – including lobbyists for automobile, electric power, diesel engine and other industries – met with Susan Dudley, the White House regulatory czar, and other members of her staff within the Office of Management and Budget’s regulatory office.

EPA is under a court order to propose a decision on the national smog standards by June 20. EPA’s independent science advisers, the agency’s own scientists, the agency’s children’s health advisory panel and many other scientists have all urged the EPA to set much tougher standards to protect kids with asthma and others.

The industry groups have argued previously that EPA should consider keeping the current standard, set in 1997.

Science versus politics.

Big polluters versus the need to protect kids with asthma.

We’ll be monitoring this situation closely. Here’s a record of the meeting from thee OMB web site.

Meeting Record Regarding: National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ozone
Date: 6/ 4/2007
Client (if applicable) -->
Robert Johansson

Art Fraas

Tim Hunt

Claudia OBrien
Latham & Watkins

Tom Hesterberg
Intl Truck & Engine

Amy Farrell

Susan Dudley

Joseph Starko
Hunter & Willimas

Gregory Dana
Auto Alliance

Ryan Connolly

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