Thursday, May 31, 2007

President Bush's global warming gambit...and some positive signs on the environment

President Bush today came up with a new global warming gambit, calling for a new international summit to work on the issue.

The context?

For 6 years the administration has sent people to international climate talks with a terse message: no.

So in a way, this is like an iceberg cracking.

Unfortunately, the iceberg will probably keep melting under the President's strategy.

There is already a process established by the UN to deal with climate. The President appears to be trying to reinvent the wheel -- something that seems guaranteed to cause further delays.

In addition, he's still balking at actual attempts to require emission limits. So it's hard to take this too seriously.

Elsewhere, however, there are some positive signs for environmental policy -- all of them because of the last election or the prospect of the next one. For more, see

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