Thursday, April 26, 2007

States rally behind California's effort to enforce greenhouse gas emissions standards for vehicles

Even though the ink is barely dry on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest salvo at the US EPA, other states are rallying to California’s support.

As you know, yesterday Schwarzenegger sent EPA an official notice that California will sue if EPA continues to drag its feet on California’s LONG-standing request to enforce its greenhouse gas standards for motor vehicles. (The car-industry-friendly Bush administration has been hoping since California filed its request – in December 2005 – that the issue would go away. But the recent Supreme Court decision on global warming really strengthened California’s hand.)

And now other states are stepping up. Since yesterday, EPA has already received letters supporting California from states including Connecticut, Maryland, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. These are five of the 11 other states that have adopted California’s standards. (Several other states are also moving to adopt them.) And I am willing to bet that more letters are on the way.

These states believe it’s time to stop talking about global warming and start doing something about it. (They need EPA’s approval of California’s request.)

This is a real sign that this issue involves much more than just California.

Will the EPA be willing to say no to all these states? Will the traditional White House loyalty to the car industry prevail? Stay tuned. An EPA hearing on California’s request is coming up in several weeks, and it should be very interesting.

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