Thursday, April 05, 2007

GE responds to critics of its dirty-train lobbying blitz... by making more tv commercials!

General Electric isn’t taking criticism of its dirty-train lobbying lightly. It is responding – by making and airing even more tv commercials!

As you will recall, GE has tried to delay and weaken proposed EPA standards to limit smog-forming nitrogen oxides emissions from new train engines. This activity has drawn sharp criticism from Clean Air Watch and, later, from NRDC.

Now GE is striking back, in a way that only a multi-national company with deep pockets can.

Last night’s NBC show “Friday Night Lights” (on GE-owned NBC) featured a GE spot in which workers (or actors?) at the company’s Erie, PA, factory start singing “take my breath away” in praise of GE’s allegedly clean train.

In another spot on the company’s web site, actor Kevin Kline praises the company’s allegedly green “evolution” train.

Wouldn’t you like to have a percentage of what the ad company is making?

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Anonymous said...

i love the ads, but jesus, you'd think they could choose a different song from take my BREATH away? i mean, how dumb is that?