Wednesday, March 28, 2007

White House begins review of "Thune" rule to relax air pollution standards for ethanol refineries

The White House Office of Management and Budget notes this final rule arrived for review on March 22.

This plan was instigated by the corn lobby and by Senator Thune, a former ethanol lobbyist. (Thune actually put out a press release bragging about this last March, when the plan was first proposed.)

This rule is nothing other than a dirty political fix. It will mean more pollution from ethanol refineries and more breathing problems for people who live near them.

EPA has conceded privately that the increased pollution will be “geographically more concentrated” than the increased pollution expected from adding ethanol to gasoline. (The final “renewable fuels standard” is also under review by OMB.)

Clean Air Watch and state and local air pollution directors are among those that have protested this move.

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