Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hypocritical GE lobbies against important diesel pollution standards

For many months we’ve been wondering why the US EPA has delayed taking action to clean up noxious diesel train and boat emissions. (EPA had promised to do this in mid-2004.)

And last year, the Washington Post revealed that trains spew out a lot more harmful emissions than previously realized http://cleanairarticles.blogspot.com/2006/08/attention-to-locomotives-emissions.html ) . Diesel train pollution literally causes thousands of deaths a year.

But EPA never seems to take action. Now, we know why.

Today’s Wall Street Journal discloses that General Electric – the nation’s biggest diesel train engine maker – is lobbying to weaken upcoming EPA standards. And an EPA official explains that GE’s opposition has helped delay the rules.

As the Journal points out, GE’s lobbying comes in sharp contrast to its “Ecoimagination” ad campaign, touting allegedly “green” trains, among other things. (These commercials run relentlessly on GE-owned NBC, on such programs as Friday Night Lights and My Name is Earl.)

This is a real GreenScam. General Electric ought to be ashamed of such blatant hypocrisy.

More at http://cleanairarticles.blogspot.com/2007/02/as-it-polishes-green-image-ge-fights.html


Anonymous said...

In the last 50 years GE sent one of their vice presidents to a 'smoke filled' motel room where government bids were being fixed. They were caught. As I remember it only the vice-president went to jail. Nobody over sargent went to jail over Abu Graib(sp) either.

I know, for a fact that the refiners are being given a free ride on the 15 part per million diesel fuel. I see nothing less than 500 part per million fuel. This is going to poison the cataylists(sp) on 2007 diesel engines.

I asked every political candidate I could button hole why diesel went from 10% under gasoline to a price 10% above. This 20% price move happens without the sufur reduction. Every single one of them fluffed it in some fashion. One told me it was because Hugo Chavez was only dealing in euros and we could no longer afford sulfur free Venezuelan crude. Its nice to buy sulfur free crude as a solution. But high sulfur crude is highly discounted for just that reason. The purchase of euros is very much a trip around your finger to get to your thumb.

The governor told me that the reason was the pipe line had to be so clean that transmission was super expensive. All of local diesel comes in by truck. That doesn't wash. Perhaps he is referring to diesel refined outside the US and brought ina and pipelined about. He didn't say so.

The simple truth is that this 20% comes home to roost in the purchase price of everything trucked in the United States. Moreover, diesel is an early cut in the barrel and does not require a trip through a catalyst. It is the cheapest cut in the barrel short of the road oil remainders. The removal of sulfur is chemically simple and must be done anyway before the refiner puts any stock through their own catalysts to make gasoline. You don't think that they are going to poison their own catalysts do you?

Anonymous said...

Global warming comes from the methane caused by the bullshit you write. You're clueless. Get a job and buy a fact or two.

Write about something you know like incest.

Frank O'Donnell, Clean Air Watch said...

Dear Mr. Methane,

Why are you such a coward that you have to post your ignorant comment anonymously?

Jon (Social Media Services) said...

Another example of "big business" lobbying for their own needs, irrespective of the harm it does to others.

Can't see it ever stopping unfortunately.

Heber said...

It's really sad to see how corrupt big business and governments can be. Has the EPA ever taken action without being dragged towards it by citizens?

Anonymous said...

If this is true, it's too disappointing because GE is not just a so so company. Practically all of us grew up with and have this brand in our homes. I hope the company can air its piece and shed light on this issue.

R. Cristi said...

In many cases, no they have not. Only if it is a huge problem that has already happened (BP oil leak). EPA is getting a little better now. They need to stay on top of things.

R. Cristi
Author of Blonde Joke book!

Jacob said...

It is important for taking action soon as a way to eliminate diesel train pollution. It is good solution to reduce the death of the year because of this pollution. It is caused by the harmfulness of diesel train pollution.

John Stove said...

Good article. It's too bad that a company as huge as GE can't be trusted to do what's best. Hopefully in the future the EPA is a lot more assertive and doesn't wait for the public to complain before taking action.

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Nice Article, A++

Graham said...

Oh, come on! We have to take action as soon as possible. This is only a fraction of cases that occurred.

I'm sure there are a lot of hypocrisy out there that are slowly destroying our planet.