Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ecotalk examines the State of the Union, while urges the President to try a french fry

January 24, 2007
Frank O'Donnell on the State of the Union: Cars, Coal, and Corn

EcoTalk's very own Clean Air Correspondent Frank O'Donnell waxes funny and fiery on President Bush's State of the Union speech: "He's starting to talk the talk, but he's a long way from walking the walk. He's tip-toeing in the right direction, but he is not coming forward with any plan at all to actually limit emissions related to global warming." LISTEN (11 min)

Ana Unruh Cohen's take on the State of the Union

Ana Unruh Cohen, Director of Environmental Policy with the Center for American Progress, gave us her take on the President's trip to the Capitol: "Recognition of the challenge is not enough. We need action." LISTEN (8 min)

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