Tuesday, December 05, 2006

EPA will use lead rule to break in new oil industry scheme for setting clean-air standards

Well, EPA made it official this afternoon. It is changing the process for how it sets national clean air standards.

We reported on this late yesterday amid a buzz in industry circles. (EPA is adopting a scheme sought by the oil industry to reduce the role of science -- and increase the role of political appointees -- in setting standards.)

EPA quietly made the revelation in a fact sheet put out this afternoon about the agency's ongoing review of national clean air standards for lead.

"The agency is now moving forward to implement a new, more efficient process" for conducting air-standard reviews, is how the agency pols are trying to spin this.

No wonder the industry guys are delighted!

This lead issue is another one worth watching because the lead smelting industry is trying to do away with the standard altogether.

EPA says it hasn't made up its mind about that idea yet. Any bets on what the industry-friendly agency pols are thinking now that they are wresting control away from the career scientists?

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