Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Power plant toxins linked to death of Texans

Texas Governor Rick Perry really loves a smokestack (see above), but a new study concludes that pollution from the 19 new coal-fired power plants proposed around the state will lead to the premature deaths of roughly 240 Texans a year.

The analysis, released by Public Citizen's Texas office and the Austin-based SEED Coalition, is the latest volley in the battle over the future of Texas' energy.

As noted in today's San Antonio Express:

On the one side are power companies who want to build a new fleet of coal plants, and Gov. Rick Perry, who has ordered state agencies to fast-track the permits of such plants.

On the other side is a growing list of critics worried about the health effects of new plants and the global warming gasses they will spew. These critics, in addition to many environmental and community groups, include the mayors of some large Texas cities including Dallas and Houston.

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