Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Bronx cheer: diesel truck soot triggers asthma attacks; why it matters

The study noted below came out yesterday, but I haven’t seen it get much play – not as much as it should. It actually has significance beyond the South Bronx.

It corroborates that diesel soot particles trigger asthma attacks.

As we know from all the recent publicity, new clean diesel fuel is coming onto the market and new diesel trucks and buses will be much cleaner starting in 2007.


This study is evidence that we need to take more aggressive steps to clean up existing diesel engines. Many of the existing dirty diesel engines will remain in service for the next quarter century. Both Congress and the White House have given lip service to cleaning up existing engines, but they haven’t done enough follow through.

In addition, this study is evidence that EPA should move aggressively to set new standards for diesel trains and big diesel boats. IF kids are having asthma attacks near truck routes, they are also suffering from diesel pollution near train lines and ports.

EPA has promised to do this, but the agency is dragging its feet.



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