Friday, July 14, 2006

Koch Industries defends anti-regulatory zealot Dudley

In today's Wichita (KS) Eagle, Koch Industries defends its financial support of the Mercatus Center, the "think tank" that employs Susan Dudley, said to be in line to become White House regulatory czarina.

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It seems like only yesterday (in was in 2000) that the US Justice Deparment was noting that:

Koch Industries Inc., will pay the largest civil fine ever imposed on a company under any federal environmental law to resolve claims related to more than 300 oil spills from its pipelines and oil facilities in six states, the Justice Department and the U.S. EPA announced. A settlement filed today requires Koch, the second-largest privately held company in the United States, to pay a $30 million civil penalty, improve its leak-prevention programs and spend $5 million on environmental projects.“This record civil penalty sends a clear message to those who transport hazardous materials: You cannot endanger public health or the environment,” said Attorney General Janet Reno. “We will not let you foul our water and spoil our land by breaking the law.

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