Monday, June 05, 2006

Bad refinery legislation comes back like a bad penny

Some unscrupulous members of Congress are at it again -- unfairly trying to blame high gasoline prices on environmental standards.

See good stories from Reuters on this at

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henrykwool said...

This is ridiculous. The owners of the companies are also humans.Their rights also have to be protected.
It was the federal government that mandated the use of MTBE.MTBE use was legal.And when the government took this action back in 1990, they of course knew about the effects that MTBE could cause. Ok, You might argue that the government didn't know. Then how do you suppose the government can legalise a chemical in the market without appropriate testing done?
First itself, the government should not have mandated its use even when it knew about its effects. And now holding the oil industry liable for following a congressional mandate is not appropriate.
I saw this sentence in your article "But the EPA says that the additive was not specifically required and that refiners could have chosen to use ethanol or other oxygenates." .The oxygenates were MBTE and Ethanol.And, now, looking at the present scenario of the price rise, do you expect that any oil company would have prefered the use of ethanol over MTBE.After all business is done for profit.
The issue about MTBE and MTBE LITIGATION has to be better researched before making the oil companies liable for the clean -up.