Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mail Call: A Selection of Comments on Global Warming

We have received some rather colorful comments on global warming in response to the meeting between President Bush and novelist Michael Crichton. Here's a brief selection:

From Fred []:

Crichton is no dummy fool. He keeps himself well informed on all kinds of science. I would put his knowledge on the environment up against you and all those parasitic leftist fools you hang with. Surely your just looking for more grant money and donations to keep your phony scams going.

From Terrence Bergh []:

...we are entering the beginnings of a new ice age.

From Michael f. Vaughn []:

Mainly your only goal is a socialist utopian society with no privately owned vehicles or a growing American economy and the last thing you and your organization want is true freedom. You can attempt to debate but you cannot and will not change any minds of most of Americans and your tax-exempt status is just a game to gain access to lawmakers.

From John Wolford []:

Perhaps instead of flapping your loon like wings and squawking like some
bird brained psuedo-environmentalist who's real goal is political and
not even remotely environmental you would have endeavored to have
Russia, China and every other third world hell hole that has raped
their countries bare join in first and lead the way...

You are a waste of space on this planet because you will never cause any
worthwhile changes with your tactics.
Get off the public dole and quit sucking on the government teat.

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