Monday, January 23, 2006

Mail Call: A Selection of Comments on NASCAR

Here is a selection of some of the e-mails we have received regarding NASCAR's decision to stop using leaded gasoline following Clean Air Watch's call for NASCAR to go unleaded:

Subject: Loser activists

Do you people have nothing better to do with your time than bitch about every last bit of society? First there was PETA, then ALF, then ACLU, and now you clowns. Can't you people get real jobs? I bet 95% of your members are stupid middleage women with nothing better to do with their (and your) meaningless lives. Thanks for wasting taxpayers money on your BS.

From: Les Elkins []
Subject: environmental wackos

why dont you enviromental wackos go jump in a lake somewhere as a native coloradian i have been listening to you people my whole life just shut up and stay away from the races if you dont like the air next you will want them to make it less noisy just shut up and stay home.

From: Dick Englert []
No subject line
Screw your origination,

From: SD
No subject line
How about the EPA try doing something real for a change and leave professional motorsports alone. When a governmental entity has to stoop to hitting on motorsports to gain headlines then it's high time someone put a stop to governmental interference. The EPA was one of those good ideas that is radically destroying the US economy. One of those good ideas that gets taken too far by extremists. Somehow, I feel that the EPA should be staffed by real live scientists working for the people instead of zealots trying to cause more trouble.


dale8jr said...

You all are a bunch of tree huging hippie idiots. There is no arguement that NASCAR would make less polution by switching to unleaded gasoline. They run for 4 to 5 hours at the max 36 times a year. If you want less polution then ride a bike. Stop complaining abot stuff that doesn't even remotely affect you. Stay out of NASCAR! Dale Jr. Rules! PS: Get a Real Job.

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