Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lobbying firm linked to DeLay, Abramoff, worked against better fuel economy standards

Just a quick note to remind you of the anti-environmental activities of a scandal-plagued lobbying firm in the news today.

The Alexander Strategy Group, a firm with links to lobbyist Jack Abramoff and Rep. Tom DeLay is going out of business.

Here's how the Washington Post put it:

One of Washington's top lobbying operations will shut down at the end of the month because of its ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff and former House majority leader Tom DeLay.

Alexander Strategy Group, which had thrived since its founding in 1998 thanks largely to its close connections to DeLay (R-Tex.), will cease to operate except for a relatively small business-development division, Edwin A. Buckham, the former top DeLay aide who owns the company, said yesterday.


Among the company's clients have included the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the National Automobile Dealers Association. For both clients, the firm lobbied Congress to block better motor vehicle fuel economy standards.

A key member of the lobbying firm, former DeLay (and Abramoff) aide Tony Rudy, lobbied for both the car companies and the car dealers.

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