Tuesday, July 12, 2005

You have to hand it to Senator Inhofe...

He doesn’t let reality come between him and what he thinks is a real knee-slapper.
A day after it was disclosed that environmental groups were NOT suing to block the recent EPA “clean air interstate rules,” Inhofe issued a statement denouncing environmental groups for allegedly using the courts to try to block progress:

“Time and again, these extreme special interests and their Democrat allies seem to be more focused on issuing political statements than improving our air quality. This latest round of litigation demonstrates the need for a strong national Clear Skies law more than ever. Trying to litigate the way to cleaner air only delays progress, often yields little or no result and wastes millions in taxpayer dollars.”

Inhofe – who was trying to hump the failed Bush “clear skies initiative” -- failed to note that about a dozen industries and industry groups filed suit against the rules!
According to Greenwire, they include:

Minnesota Power, the Pennsylvania-based not-for-profit trade association ARIPPA, South Carolina Public Service Authority, Entergy Corp., Florida Association of Electric Utilities, FPL Group Inc., Northern Indiana Public Service Co., South Carolina Electric & Gas Co., Integrated Waste Services Association, The AES Corp. and Constellation Energy Group, and Duke Energy Corp as well as the city of Amarillo, Texas.

Several environmental groups are challenging peripheral parts of the rule’s preamble, but that challenge will not affect the main body of the rules.


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