Monday, July 25, 2005

more trouble in energy bill -- this time water

One more thing to look for this afternoon as House and Senate negotiators resume public discussions of the energy legislation.

We are informed reliably that as of right now, the top negotiators seem headed towards omitting a very important section of the Senate bill – one that clarified that EPA has authority to regulate fuels and fuel additives under the Clean Air Act to protect water quality and resources.

This was a key recommendation of the Blue Ribbon Panel on oxygenates in gasoline – and in fact, it’s already passed the Senate twice!

The whole MTBE mess might have been avoided if EPA had this authority in days past.

OF course, oil companies and ethanol producers would probably prefer that EPA NOT have this sort of authority.

Keep your eye on the old ball. There could be a skirmish over this later today.


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henrykwool said...

"EPA has said that since the RFG (Re-formed gasoline) program began in 1995, it has resulted in combined annual reductions of 105,000 tons of smog-producing emissions and at least 24,000 tons of toxic air pollutants like benzene. This is equivalent to taking 16 million cars off the road, according to the EPA. The EPA has also said that “75 million people are breathing cleaner air because of RFG.”

I got this info from a site while i was just curious to know about MTBE LITIGATION .

This does show that EPA along with the government had supported the use of MTBE. And when it was found that the MTBE was causing contamination, then both the government and the EPA is accusing the oil companies and going on for MTBE LITIGATION against the manufacturers. This is surely very rude.

The whole nation had benefited from the use of MTBE. So I strongly feel that the clean-up cost should also be met by all and not the oil companies alone