Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More on Senator Bond's dirty-air amendment

Bond’s amendment, which will be subject to review by the full House Appropriations Committee tomorrow (June 9), directs that EPA commission a study proposed by an obscure organization called the “International Consortium for Fire Safety, Health and the Environment.” (The D.C. contact for that organization is a lobbying firm, Sparber and Associates, which formerly represented the tobacco industry.) The “Consortium” proposed that the $650,000 study be led by the SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, owned by the Swedish government.

We have both the language of the amendment AND the proposal to give the money to Sweden.

Also there is new evidence that this whole "safety" issue is bogus. This basically involves the allegation that putting baby catalytic converters on lawn mowers could start fires. But new EPA evidence shows that lawn mowers with catalysts are actually COOLER and thus less likely to do this. EPA has also compiled information which shows that in the real world, lawn mowers (including those sold by Briggs & Stratton) are pumping out more pollution than assumed. The information is buried in an EPA docket at file OAR-2004-0008.


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