Friday, March 11, 2005


An interesting update has come to my attention. A NASCAR technical expert now is conceding that lead is not needed in race cars.

Glenn Feiske of the NASCAR Technical Institute , which describes itself as “the exclusive educational partner of NASCAR,” told WCNC television in Charlotte that lead isn’t really needed if other technology improvements were made.

“If you said right now there’s no more leaded fuel – we’re not going to run leaded fuel,” said Feiske, “It could be done.”

Meanwhile, here is a sampling of e-mails that Clean Air Watch has received in response to our initial call that NASCAR heed EPA's warning about the continuing use of lead:
from Nate and Beth Jackson

Frank first off you damn communist,do you have a clear understanding who you just messed with?You people will never be satisfied until we live in your little perfect greenie-weenie utopia.I would love to be swearing my ass off right now but you are not worth it.why do you not go to some other country outside of the USA for once and try to tell their leaders what they should do,HUH.....cause they will run you right out of their f*cking country ASSHOLE!
from Jimi Vignogna []

to whom ever this may concern,

why is it that people feel the need to but their noses in where they dont belong? why do busy body enviormental groups feel the need to try to save the world when the problem areas they target do not support 1/10,000 of the problem they are facing?not to mention your nascar pollution problem is as bogus as your organizations claims and clean air has no scientific evidence to back any of their claims up! the fact is you and your organization is just like big government target the little guy or take the easy way out! i would not doubt that clean airs superiors are looking to get their pockets lined by way of the nascar buck, when in the last 50 plus years of any form of motor sport in or out of this country was a claim made from any one saying they were sick from anything that went on at the race track? let me tell you


do you know how much lead is in per gallon of fuel ? i bet you do not , does your organization know how many race fuel manufacturers exsist? and how many million dollar companys you will force out of business? how about the legal ramifications from the thousands of race car owners that will have to spend billions of dollars to modify their race cars to accept non leaded fuels, would your organization like to have to face a class action law suite of this magnatude ? before you and your followers decide to try and fix problems or challenge organizations to change you better fully investigate what you are doing and look far past your nose to the economical ramifications that will be induced by your insane claims!!!!
from Joe McDuffie []:

from Las Vegas Sun Columnist Ron Kantowski

I had to laugh at the logic environmental groups are using to encourage NASCAR to get the lead out...

While I can't speak for the nearby residents, I don't think the millions of stock car fans who pump mass quantities of alcohol directly into their blood streams while chain-smoking Winstons and munching on pork rinds every Sunday afternoon are going to be too concerned about inhaling a few parts per million of tainted Sunoco.


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